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My name is Igor Zivkovic and I am a freelance photographer/videographer and digital marketer from Belgrade.
I was born and raised in the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia (now Serbia).

My passion for cameras started at the age of 6 when I was fascinated by my father's VHS-C camera he used to record family events. Being known as a clumsy child, I was not allowed near this (then) expensive state-of-the-art camera, so my curiosity and urge to use the camera had to wait until I was 11 years old. At that time (2002), digital point-and-shoot cameras were new technology and my parents bought a small Samsung camera to capture more family events. Fortunately, they let me use that camera, and that's how my artistic journey began.

The first videos I made were funny videos with my friends.
We created 'Fake News' videos, which we thought were hilarious at the time.
Two years later, I started skateboarding, and my parents bought a Panasonic camcorder, which I used to sneak out and film my friends' skateboarding.

Shortly after, in 2005, I moved to Canada with my family, where I continued to film skateboarding.
Both skateboarding and videomaking helped me make friends early on. I returned to Serbia during the summer school breaks and spent three months of the summer with my friends working on skateboarding videos. This led to me making my first full-length independent skateboarding videos in Serbia, "Roll Around" in 2006 and "Keep on rollin'" in 2007. "Keep on rollin'" was even shown at the cinema in Belgrade, Serbia in 2008, which was a dream come true for me as a 17-year-old. I am still proud of that today.

Unfortunately, due to life circumstances, I neglected my passion for the following 7 years and did not produce many videos or take many photos.

After recently taking a job in Dubai, I decided to rededicate myself to my passion and pursue it full-time.

I spent the next three years saving up, investing in equipment, and learning more about social media and marketing. That's when I discovered my passion and talent for marketing, which I do alongside my passion for photos and videos.

In 2021, I returned to Belgrade after living in Toronto, Dubai, Las Vegas, and Malta and traveling
to more than 60 countries over four years.

Today I work as a freelance photographer/videographer and digital marketing manager.


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