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Hello there :)

My name is Igor Zivkovic and I am a Freelance Photographer/Videographer and Digital Marketer from Belgrade.
I was born and raised in the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia (today Serbia). 

My passion for cameras started at the age of 6 when I was intrigued by my dad using his VHS-C Camera to record family events and because I was known as a clumsy kid, I was not allowed close to that expensive state-of -he-art-camera (at the time), so my curiosity and urge to use the camera had to wait until I was 11. At that time (2002) digital point and shoot, cameras were a new technology and my parents bought a small Samsung camera to capture more family events. Luckily I was allowed to use this camera and that's how my artistic journey began. 

The first videos I made were funny videos with my friends.

We would create 'fake news' that we thought was hilarious at the time.
Two years after that I started skateboarding and my parents bought a Panasonic camcorder that I would secretly sneak out and go film my friends' skateboarding. 

Shortly after that, in 2005, I moved to Canada with my family where I continued filming skateboarding.

Both skateboarding and video making helped me make friends early on. During summer breaks I would go back to Serbia and spend three months of my summer with my friends and work on skateboarding videos. This resulted in me making my first independent full-length skateboarding videos in Serbia, "Roll Around" in 2006 and "Keep on rollin'" in 2007. "Keep on rollin'" even had a theatre screening in 2008 in Belgrade, Serbia, which for 17-year-old me was a dream come true. Something I am proud of to this day.

Unfortunately, due to life circumstances for the next 7 years following that, I neglected my passion and was not producing many videos or taking many photos. 

After my recent job in Dubai, I decided to get back to my passions and pursue them full time.

I spent the next three years saving up and investing in equipment and learning more about social media and marketing. That's when I discovered my passion and talent for marketing which is something that I pursue alongside my passion for photo and video creation.

In 2021, I returned to Belgrade, after living in Toronto, Dubai, Las Vegas, and Malta as well as also traveling to over 60 countries in over 4 years.

Today, I am working as a Freelance Photographer/Videographer and Digital Marketing Manager.