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Harbord Fish & Chicken


Harbord Fish & Chicken

Since 1988, Harbord Fish & Chips has been a cherished cornerstone of the Harbord Village community in Toronto. With deep-rooted traditions in serving delicious fish and chips, we now embark on an exciting journey of expansion that unites the flavors of the ocean with the succulence of mouthwatering chicken dishes.

Our collaboration with Harbord Fish & Chips has been an endeavor to breathe new life into this beloved establishment. As part of a total rebranding effort, our services encompassed:

Branding: We've reimagined and revitalized the iconic Harbord Fish & Chips brand, ensuring it resonates with both loyal patrons and newcomers alike.

Website Design: Our team has crafted a modern and engaging digital platform, inviting diners to explore the refreshed menu and experience.

Promo Material: Our promotional materials highlight the delectable new offerings and celebrate the classic favorites that have stood the test of time.

Social Media Strategy: We've designed a comprehensive social media strategy to engage and expand the restaurant's online presence, fostering a sense of community among diners.

Graphic Design: Creative and eye-catching graphics have breathed fresh life into Harbord Fish & Chips' visual identity, capturing the essence of the establishment.

Social Media Content Creation: We've curated mouthwatering content that tells the story of Harbord Fish & Chips, old and new, with every post.

Social Media Promotion: Our strategies for social media promotion have amplified the reach and impact of Harbord Fish & Chips, drawing in patrons from all corners of Toronto.

Social Media Automation: Automation has streamlined the restaurant's online presence, ensuring consistency in engagement and communication.

Networking: Building connections with local food enthusiasts and influencers has fostered a loyal and vibrant community around Harbord Fish & Chips.

Analysis and Reporting: Through meticulous analysis, we've fine-tuned our strategies to deliver measurable results and keep Harbord Fish & Chips on a path of success.

At Harbord Fish & Chips, we invite you to savor the harmonious blend of classic and contemporary flavors—a culinary journey that pays homage to tradition while embracing new horizons. Whether you're indulging in the time-tested fish and chips or exploring the exciting new chicken offerings, every visit is a celebration of flavor, community, and a refreshed legacy.

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