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Momo Loco, inspired by the rich tapestry of flavors and spices found in street food Momo's, embarked on its flavorful journey. Originating in Tibet and embraced globally, Momo's journey led them to us at C&D Group, seeking a partner to elevate their brand and vision.

Our collaboration began with Momo Loco's commitment to delivering authentic, delectable Momo dishes, and our dedication to crafting an engaging brand presence. With a tailored range of services, including:

•Website Design
•Promo Material
•Social Media Strategy
•Graphic Design
•Social Media Content •Creation
•Social Media Promotion
•Social Media •Automation
•Analysis and Reporting

Together, we've transformed Momo Loco into a culinary destination, where every bite is a testament to our journey of passion, flavor, and creativity. From the vibrantly garnished meats and vegetables to an array of delicious sauces, Momo Loco promises an unforgettable adventure for your taste buds.

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