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In the vibrant tapestry of Toronto's culinary scene, My Roti Place emerged as a culinary gem in 2018, introducing modern Indian cuisine to the bustling heart of downtown Toronto. At its core, My Roti Place is all about personalized culinary experiences. Their signature wraps, meticulously crafted to order, invite customers to tailor their roti, filling, curry, and spice levels to their unique preferences.

When My Roti Place/My Dosa Place approached C&D Group seeking a fresh, non-traditional makeover for their trendy take-out establishment, I stepped into the role of Digital Marketing Manager and Branding Manager. It was a collaborative journey where we embarked on a comprehensive brand revitalization, encompassing everything from interior design and eye-catching signage to the development of a distinctive logo and a cutting-edge website.

Our creative approach, characterized by a bold and vibrant aesthetic, resonated perfectly with their target demographic while harmonizing with the surrounding neighborhood's unique ambiance and character.

Here's a snapshot of the services we provided:

Website Design
Promo Material
Social Media Strategy
Graphic Design
Social Media Content Creation
Social Media Promotion
Social Media Automation
Analysis and Reporting

Together with My Roti Place, we didn't just rebrand a restaurant; we crafted an experience that brought the essence of modern Indian cuisine to life, igniting the taste buds and imagination of Toronto's dynamic culinary landscape.

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